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Germs by Touching

Hospital and Medical

Zoono is proven as a highly effective antibacterial treatment agent in high risk environments including doctor’s surgeries, reception areas, waiting rooms, children’s areas toilets etc.

Food Processing

Zoono is approved by NZFSA, AsureQuality and AQIS and is widely used in food production environments.

Zoono is Halal and is approved for use in compliant facilities.


Zoono prevents cross contamination and does not promote mutation. This means NO superbugs.

Zoono is Ready to Use, does not require mixing and is Food Safe.

Healthy Business

A ‘healthy business’ environment reduces employee sickness / reduces absenteeism and increases productivity.

The ‘Healthy Business’ programme provides a range of services for the commercial market.


Zoono is safe to use on leather and fabric surfaces, carpets, steel, aluminium, plastics etc.

Zoono can safely be used in Buses, Taxis, Trains, Aircraft, Ships and even your own car!

Hotels and Cinemas

Zoono is a fast, effective method of eliminating odour and killing pathogens within Hotel rooms, lounges, reception areas, restaurants and corridors.

An application of Zoono will create a healthy environment in a high risk, hospitality facility.


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Our Products

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Kitchen Microbe Shield

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Foot Guard

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Sport Microbe Shield

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Odor Guard

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All Purpose Microbe Shield

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