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Foot Guard


Foot Guard

Zoono Foot Guard is a proven, highly effective treatment against foot fungi including Tinea (Athlete’s Foot).

On most occasions, only 2 – 3 applications of Zoono Foot Guard will prove effective.

In addition, Zoono Foot Guard is an excellent treatment against extreme cases of foot odour.

These outstanding results are achieved via Zoono’s unique antimicrobial technology.

Zoono Foot Guard is odourless and will not stain the skin nor will it discolour socks or clothing.

Bathroom Microbe Shield

Kills 99.99 % of bathroom germs for up to 30 days on surfaces

Femme Hygiene

Zoono has recently released Zoono Femme Hygiene

Mould Treatment

Zoono has developed a two step process for the treatment of mould.

Kitchen Microbe Shield

Kills 99.99 % of kitchen germs for up to 30 days on surfaces